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Friday, January 19, 2018

Find Your Smile - Friday Fun

Woohoo! It's Friday and it's warmer today too!!!

I hope you smiled!


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Thursday Thoughts - Best Selling Online Info

I have wanted to share this in January as we are all rethinking our online strategy. This info is all copied and pasted here for your convenience. Credit goes to the links posted.

Last time when we looked at best-selling Etsy shops we looked at the best sellers overall and found mostly shops selling supplies. This time, we’re looking at shops that sell handmade things.
Three Bird Nest75,320
Grace and Lace Co65,962
Think Pink Bows63,526
Zoey's Attic61,116


What You Can Learn from Etsy’s Best-Selling Shops

  1. Use clear, daylit photographs. Thanks to white backgrounds and bright lighting, items for sale in the top 10 shops look great. (Also: 13 Tips for Better Etsy Shop Photos, and Best Cameras for Every Budget 2014)
  2. List a TON of products. All of these shops have 200+ items in stock, some have nearly 1,000 items! Not that quantity trumps quality, of course. Think of it this way: if you have just one item in your shop, you’re less likely to be found than someone with 50 items showing up in search. Fuller shops also look more enticing. Barren shelves tend to spook customers. Aim for at least 20 products to start – 20 listings is enough to fill your shop page nicely.
  3. Have a Facebook presence. Creating a Facebook page for your craft business increases your exposure and gives you another avenue to reach your fans.
  4. Develop a shop “personality”. Every single shop in the top 10 has a “character” to it – you can almost guess what kind of personality the shop owner might have. Personality is what makes handmade so awesome, so don’t be afraid to “brand” your shop with a bit of “you”.
  5. Sell individuality. All of the top 10 shops are selling “individuality” – shirts printed with clever sayings, buttons with a sense of humor, decorative stamps, pretty headbands for babies and adults, decorated t-shirts. In fact, all of the top 10 shops are selling things to wear or decorate with. Think of these shops as selling a bit of individuality that can’t be bought in a mass-market store.
  6. Use a consistent “look and feel”. The products are presented similarly – same zoom level, consistent lighting. The overall effect is harmonious and coherent, making it easier to focus on the products themselves.
  7. Under $30. With a few exceptions in just a couple of these top selling Etsy shops, nearly all of these top-selling handmade shops offer their wares at prices somewhere between $3 and $25. Don’t fret if your products cost more, but if all your products are $100 you might want to add a few smaller items to your shop.
  8. Take it all with a grain of salt. After all, Three Bird Nest is now accused of importing and reselling its wares.
Top-selling Etsy shops data from – check ’em out, Craft Count is a great way to discover fantastic Etsy shops!


Make $1M a year selling your ‘knitting,’ or How to be a successful Etsy importer

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.05.14 PM
Source: Screen grab from Fast Company
Source: Screen grab from Fast Company
Etsy doesn’t have much in common with China-based online marketplace Alibaba. Except that it does, with more and more mass-produced goods competing with products that are legitimately handmade. But you wouldn’t know it from this Fast Company feature on Etsy seller Alicia Shaffer of Three Bird Nest, who apparently makes $1 million a year selling knit socks and scarves.
Looking at the former, extremely click bait-y headline, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the story.
Knitting socks, scarves, and headbands doesn’t have much in common with performing orthopedic surgery or governing a country. But this crafty hobby earns mother-of-three Alicia Shaffer’s business $80,000 a month, in part via her Etsy shop—which adds up to an annual revenue of $960,000, she claims. That’s about as much as top orthopedic surgeons make, and more than twice as much as the United States president makes.
I’m not going to even get into a business magazine comparing annual gross revenue to a yearly salary. But, the writer somehow decided to paint the picture of a woman churning out lacy scarves and cabled boot toppers, and making big profits, and then buried this little nugget:
Not all the items are entirely handmade by Shaffer’s team—many, like the knitted legwarmers, socks, and gloves, are sourced wholesale from India. “We finish them here, adding lace trimmings and buttons,” Shaffer says. The profit margin from such imported items is 65%.
Of course, they’re still categorized as “handmade” — and, more importantly, hand knit — on Etsy:
Source: Screen grab from Three Bird Nest on Etsy
Source: Screen grab from Three Bird Nest on Etsy
Source: Screen grab from Three Bird Nest on Etsy
Source: Screen grab from Three Bird Nest on Etsy
This has been the problem with Etsy since even before they decided to relax their rules on what’s considered handmade. People who actually produce things themselves — including dozens who are on the Indie Untangled Marketplace — are increasingly crowded out by sellers who buy items wholesale and pass them off as artisan made. Even if Shaffer was purchasing 100+ pairs of socks that were actually handknit in India, which could be possible, or was selling her own machine-knit designs, why isn’t she explicitly mentioning that in her listings? Obviously there’s a certain cache to being on Etsy, or else she would have completely decamped to her own website ages ago. And, another big question — is she really paying Etsy $35,000 a year in commission?
I really wish the writer of the Fast Company story had delved into this, instead of propagating a myth about making thousands of dollars selling hand knits (I could only imagine what the writer of the Yahoo story about insulting knitters would have to say about this). There’s also a ton of pretty good advice for selling on Etsy — which would probably come in handy if people actually selling what they knit didn’t have to compete against shops like Three Bird Nest.
Update on 8/26/15: I learned this morning via this blog post that Three Bird Nest was “taking a break” from Etsy, but it looks like, based on a press release, that the company has decided to leave for good:
The choice to leave Etsy’s marketplace wasn’t made lightly and took the company over a year to decide. “We want to focus on Three Bird Nest’s website growth and potentially explore other marketplaces that fit more in line with our core values as a company,” Shaffer continued, “Additionally one of our goals has always been to provide affordable bohemian fashion clothing and accessories to our customers which we now can realize by selling independantly.”
There’s so much to mull over about the changing face of handmade businesses and marketplaces. I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming launch of Amazon Handmade (could that be the marketplace that Alicia’s referring to?) and how that might impact the landscape. But instead of reading my musings, I encourage you to head over to While She Naps, where blogger and podcaster Abby Glassenberg is preparing for an interview with two Etsy executives. She’s looking for some input, and I’m sure she’ll get it!
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I only posted thru #50, there are more on the link.


Name Sales Category Sub Category Country
1 yummytreasures 413,020 Supplies
United States
2 yadanabeads 396,862 Supplies
United States
3 GoldSwan 396,297 Supplies
United States
4 dimestoreemporium 349,076 Supplies
United States
5 UnkamenSupplies 326,195 Supplies Handmade United States
6 ScribblePrintsCo 320,907 Handmade Paper Goods United States
7 SweetKawaii Design 303,265 Handmade Paper Goods United States
8 Thevelvetacorn 302,312 Handmade Patterns United States
9 LayeredAndLong 294,517 Handmade Jewelry United States
10 ThinkPinkBows 293,865 Handmade Children United States
11 artebellasurplus 288,042 Supplies
United States
12 FabulousRocks 286,791 Supplies
United States
13 libbieandco 280,947 Handmade Paper Goods United States
14 zipit 251,168 Supplies
United States
15 SunAndMoonCraftKits 249,198 Supplies
United States
16 LRPJewelryBox 238,212 Supplies Handmade United States
17 RivermillEmbroidery 236,028 Handmade Needlecraft United States
18 LorettasBeads 220,365 Supplies
United States
19 One Source Supply 218,173 Supplies
United States
20 ModParty 214,334 Handmade Party Supplies United States
21 MaryNotMartha 211,222 Supplies
United States
22 PoshPeanutKids 209,346 Handmade Children United States
23 ingredientsforlovely 196,926 Supplies
United States
24 Smart Parts Crafts 194,694 Supplies
United States
25 HairbowSuppliesEtc 186,307 Supplies
United States
26 cathydailey 185,031 Supplies
United States
27 gemmartusa 174,201 Supplies Handmade United States
28 allearringsandsuppli 173,904 Supplies
United States
29 MKSupplies 173,793 Supplies
United States
30 StitchStashDiva 172,677 Supplies Fabric United States
31 DistinctlyIvy 170,321 Handmade Jewelry United States
32 urbanenv 167,904 Supplies Handmade United States
33 WWSupplies 167,543 Supplies
United States
34 zoeysattic 164,606 Handmade Clothing United States
35 TheJewelDean 163,499 Supplies
United States
36 GoldenAgeBeads 162,704 Supplies
United States
37 GemmeTresor 162,046 Supplies
United States
38 signaturetshirts 159,920 Handmade Clothing United States
39 bunnysundries 153,095 Supplies
United States
40 Everfitte 152,988 Handmade Clothing United States
41 TheSageGoddess 149,981 Handmade Bath and Body United States
42 mountainshadowdesign 149,764 Supplies
United States
43 PrettyTape 147,447 Supplies
United States
44 Bopper 146,070 Supplies
United States
45 peggysuealso Leather 145,467 Supplies Fabric United States
46 SoCuteAppliques 144,461 Handmade Graphic Design United States
47 LilysFlowerSupply 143,590 Supplies
United States
48 HerringtonDesign 143,552 Handmade Needlecraft United States
49 LythaStudios 143,357 Supplies
United States
50 MignonandMignon 142,554 Handmade Jewelry United States
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Whoa - It's serious Winter!

Baby it's cold outside!

Saturday it will be 60! Woohoo!

Today I am promoting these items:

Make these for baby gifts Fisherman Cable Newborn Cocoon and Hat Set, #CrochetPattern #472 via @ChristieCottage #ejwtt

You can make this! Fisherman Pixie Hat and Booties #CrochetPattern #266 via @ChristieCottage


You can join us here:

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday - Sticking my neck out!

Changing it up a bit today. Coordinating with my giraffe pouch.

Giraffe Cell Phone, Camera, Bottle Pouch , Crochet Pattern, PDF Not a finished product.(Cozie,case,holder) via @ChristieCottage

Sunflower Boho Dangle Earrings with Orange and Brown Beads and Jasper Gemstones 2-inches Long @saracom

Giraffe, Giraffes family, Note Card, 5 x 7, Blank, Greeting Card, Print, Watercolor, zoo, animals, Africa via @Waterrox

Autumn Colors, Bracelet with heavy Sterling Silver,Multi Colored Stones and different sterling bead caps via @Etsy

Tangerine Orange Glass Dish - Spoon Rest - Trinket Dish - Jewelry Dish via @FirstLightGlass

Lemon Yellow and Tangerine Orange Vintage Czech Glass Beaded Bracelet | Shadow Dog Designs @ShadowDogDesign

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