Monday, December 24, 2012

Mostly Business Monday

It's Monday, but the Twitter Tree is on vacation until the first Monday of January. 
We all need time to get ready for Christmas.

Today, I need to clean and bake two pies and make deviled eggs. I have to laugh every time I say deviled eggs, My grandson said "Why do you call them deviled eggs? They are good and the devil didn't have anything to do with it! They are called doubled eggs, G-ma".

I loved it. So when he is here, they are 
doubled eggs.

 It seems strange not spending my entire day at the computer the last couple of days. I know there are many of you who are the same way...always at the computer! That addiction becomes a habit! Also a requirement to promote our wares.

OK, time to get started...
Laundry first and at some point today I will be dancing with my partner the...
Have a great day!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve
and a blessed Christmas!


Colleen Cornelius said...

I love how your Grandson has you calling them Doubled Eggs, So Cute! Have a wonderful day Jacki!

watercolors said...

How cute.


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