Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday - Argh

Don't you hate it when 
people hack into  accounts.

Someone is spamming thru a yahoo group email for CAPSTeam.

I didn't read the email, 
but I did notify the CAPS Team leader 
who set it up and asked that they 
delete the account.

So whatever the email says, 
ignore it
Just delete it by blocking the sender.

That's what I did.


It's like the twitter messages that says 
"you didn't know they were filming"

Just delete them.

It is a shame when people have nothing better to do with their time!


It snowed here!

SO pretty!


ShirleyC said...

Beautiful pictures! We only got cold weather.

I detest hackers. Such a shame that so many love to make other people's lives so miserable.

Happy New Year!

John.n.Deni said...

Looks lovely! I too do not like hackers, just internet vandals with nothing better to do with their time. God bless you!

Cynthia Stevenson said...

Hi Christie,
The photos are beautiful! There's snow, here in Denver, also. Blessings to you!

watercolors said...

Beautiful snow shots. Don't get that in Florida.

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