Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Sharing this picture of a painted skull.

Sold this one at Cherokee Holiday
But there is another skull that was brought to me for painting. I have not decided how I will paint the new one. The skull above had a stain that I couldn't get out of the bone, so I did the wood grain look to hide it! I like how it came out.
Isn't it great to wake-up after a good night of sleep!!

Gotta love Tylenol!

I am trying very hard to sell enough to pay  my water bill and electric bill. I keep praying.

I put a lot of thought into how I am going to market my shops this year. Being sure that I update and keep up with the SEO.

On Artfire, everyone keeps stating the importance of the captions for google images.
While my referring url's are mostly from twitter , my blog and rebelmouse, I thought I would do a quick random check to see if the Captions were worth all the effort of editing each of all those listings.

Yes it is!

I did two random searches, not searching for my title, and sure enough, my first one appeared on page one of the google search. The second item picture did not appear, but was still on page one of the google search!

So happy that my LOGO  was on the picture!

I remember someone giving me a hard time about having my logo on all my item pictures. I explained it was branding. Finally another shop joined in to support having logos on our items.

Branding is important.
There are some shops who changed their names or closed and reopened under another shop name. You have just thrown away all the hard work you did before. Return customers will not recognize you.
Just something to think about.


My twitter followers are slowly growing.
Takes some time each day, but I would rather have people follow who chose to than those you purchase.


Now how to convert the good search result into sales??? 

It's funny how some items have been added as favorites and yet they are still here

These bags have 47 admirers

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Sewing Mom said...

I'll be praying that the Lord provides for your needs.

What kind of skull is that? deer?

As to favorites, etc., I tend to favorite things that I like or think are good ideas. A lot of times I am not really 'spending' money. I wonder if sometimes other people do the same thing? I think your painting on the mini bags is beautiful.

Have a lovely day.

Christie Cottage said...

Thanks Anita!

It's a cow skull.

There's one waiting in much better condition! The one shown here I had to cement some of the teeth back in. After soaking it in bleach water, they got loose! LOL


2justByou said...

Lots of great information on SEO here for me, because I haven't paid much attention to it lately. Thanks for all the info.
Congrats on selling that skull!
Do you find it hard to sell in more than one venue? How do you like selling on eBay?
I've always liked seeing your logo on your item photos. I thought about following your footsteps with that (but editing photos takes so long as it is, I got lazy).


Christie Cottage said...


It is just more promoting when you have more than one site.

I like eBay. Fees are high but you can sell yard sale stuff there and it gets it out of your house!


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