Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Getting the most out of Twitter

Getting the most out of

If you sell online, and you tweet 
here are my thoughts on getting the most out of twitter.

First: Set your profile to include links to your shop(s). 

Set the background to display images of your products. 

By having your links in your profile, anyone can send out a tweet to your shop(s) by copying and pasting this information in a new tweet. By having your items appear, you are more likely to have your shop link clicked and score an impulse buy!

Here is how mine appears:

Christie Cottage


Wedding items, Baby Booties, Crochet Patterns, + much more! Take a L@@K!

So essentially someone could copy and tweet this:
"Wedding items, Baby Booties, Crochet Patterns, + much more! Take a L@@K!

Second: Grow your twitter followers. 

Spend some time each day following new people on twitter. If you only have a few hundred followers and you are spending hours each day tweeting, you are not reaching the masses. 

If you are on Etsy or ArtFire, you can easily follow people thru their shops.You will find the twitter icon on the top right hand side of the shop's home page. On ArtFire, scroll down and you will see the twitter icon on the bottom right hand sidebar. Click "Follow". 

Third: Retweet. 
If a person tweets your item, reciprocate. You will be reaching a new audience that includes potential customers.

If you have reached your maximum to follow, this means your following to followers ratio is preventing you from following anyone else. Go to It is free (there is a purchase plan available) and the page will load with your oldest "unfollowers" Click "unfollow" You can unfollow 50 per day for free. This will allow to follow others.

If you are mentioned in a #SO (Shoutout), follow the others mentioned and then retweet it. You will see your followers grow.

If you are mentioned in a #FF (Friday Follow), follow the others mentioned and then retweet it. You will see your followers grow.


These few steps will help your tweets reach a wider audience, your shop(s)will get additional exposure and your time will have been better spent, in my opinion.


Ewenique said...

I don't use twitter, but if I ever add it to my list of social networking sites, I will keep these tips in mind.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I haven't really gotten into twitter. Thanks for the tips! I may take the plunge into twitter at some point in the future and this information will come in handy.

What sorts of things do you tweet? Just product promotions?

Christie Cottage said...

I tweet my blog post each day, my blog sponsors, my items their items, Collections, treasuries.

Nothing personal


Putman Lake Designs said...

I don't twitter either,but thanks for the ideas if I do happen to get to that point.... Starting blogging and following those in the guild are enough for me right now!

Linda Blatchford said...

Great tips. I love Twitter. I use hootsuite to schedule my tweets.

JewelryArtByDawn said...

Thank you for the tips! I'm on Twitter, but don't really understand it; mostly, I tweet collections that I've been included in, blog posts and just last Monday participated in the Twitter Tree for the first time. Going to add your suggestions for getting the most our of Twitter to my list of things to do - as always, lack of time is a factor. If anyone figures out how to bottle time, they will make a fortune!

Julie and Blu said...

thank you for the reminder, since I use Hootsuite for all my tweets, I rarely see my actual twitter account. I need to do a better job of working on that.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Great tips, Jacki! Thanks. I love twitter and use it quite a bit. Although mostly what I tweet is other people's items (I do a few of mine each day, too), I do like to tweet/RT interesting articles (especially science), photographs, blog posts, etc. to add something different than flat promotion. Also, I suggest signing up for RebelMouse and connecting your twitter account to it. You (or whoever you tweet) get double the backlinks for each item you tweet. I get quite a few URLs from RebelMouse each day. Love those backlinks!

CraftsofthePast said...

I see how active you are on Twitter, and I know by experience that I quickly become an addict. It is fun to pick up new followers by the simple act of RTing things that look interesting.

I became hooked on Twitter, and I knew that I had to expand to other venues, so I am not as active now. But it helps traffic even more than Pinterest does for me. Thanks for reminding me, but I feel the withdrawal symptoms coming on, oh dear!

Adorebynat said...

Great post! I use twitter extensively. It's very easy to use. I promote mine and others, and have generated sales from tweeting. But what I love the most is meeting new friends.

Kanweienea Kreations said...

great post!

Lisa Bennett said...

great post - very informative.
Lisa :)

Jennifer Tuminello said...

I am on twitter but I do not use it like I should. I get so caught up in the other marketing and I must admit I am lost when it comes to Twitter. I have to take a relook at it and try to use it more and better. Thank you for the tips :)

Cathy Morgan said...

Thank you for those tips. I finally figured out how to tell if I had been tweeted so now I check that on a daily basis. LOL!

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