Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Spiritual - God's creatures

Something different this morning...

See this dog?
 This poor old guy was on my porch yesterday. Laid out flat and I thought he was dead when I opened the door.

I had to gently bump him with the door to get him to move so I could go out the door.

He is old and look at those nails!

No tag only a choke chain collar.

He managed eventually to get from my porch to the middle of the driveway where he laid down and I thought he had died again.

I felt so sad.

He wandered back to my porch and 
I fed him and gave him a bowl of water.

This morning I don't see him on the porch. 
When the sun is up, I will go out and see 
if he died in my yard.


That old boy is one of God's creatures.
He was probably huge fun to someone when he was a puppy.
And then I believe he got chained up with no chain length to walk around and wear those nails down.

What a sad way to treat a dog!


By Ron Berler
Appeared originally in Mysterious Ways magazine.

Casey wasn’t the most popular dog in her owner Carol Baird’s neighborhood of Dalton, Georgia.  A huge, burly
Alaskan malamute, she had a heart of gold but a nose for trouble.

She’d slip out the Baird family’s back door and trot down the street without a care. Most people gave her a wide berth.
That was hardly surprising. From a distance, Casey looked a lot like a wolf.  She behaved like one too, or at least had an
appetite like one. Neighbors often stormed over to complain. “Your dog got out again, and ate all of our dog’s food!” or
“Casey’s turned over our garbage!”

So when a man rapped on Carol’s door,  said he lived three blocks away and then asked for her dog’s name, Carol braced
herself. What did Casey do this time?

“We have a sliding-glass door that we usually keep open in the summer,” the man began, “and every day for the last
several weeks your dog has wandered off the street and come uninvited into my house.”

That dog, Carol thought. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I don’t know why Casey gets herself into such mischief. A lot of it’s our
fault. We have to start watching her more closely. But honestly, she means no harm...”

“No, you don’t understand,” the man interrupted. “I came over to thank you.”

The man must have seen the confusion on Carol’s face. No neighbor had ever said anything positive about Casey before.
They usually wanted to know who would fill up the two-foot hole she’d energetically dug in their backyard.
But not this neighbor. He explained that his father, who had Alzheimer’s, lived with him and his wife and needed
constant monitoring. The father rarely moved from his easy chair in front of the TV in the living room and was often
agitated. Caring for him had exhausted the man and his wife.

“I couldn’t remember the last time we had two hours to ourselves,” the man said. “And then, one day, your dog showed up.”
Casey wandered into the house through the sliding door and made straight for the man’s father. “She sat right beside him,
like she had planned to visit him all along,” the neighbor said, his voice filled with wonder.
He saw his father turn to Casey and begin to pet her. He stroked her and stroked her, and fell peacefully asleep. “He
slept two full hours,” the neighbor said. “It was the biggest midday reprieve my wife and I have had in years.”

Casey returned the next day, and every day after that, as if she had an appointment to keep. Each time was the same.
She’d pad to the old man’s chair and sit by his side, letting him pet her till he dozed off.
“To my wife and me,” the neighbor said, “Casey was a gift from heaven. That’s why I’ve come to see you today.
Is Casey here?”
“Yes, she is,” Carol said. “Casey!”
The big malamute trotted up, looking at the neighbor with searching eyes. The neighbor gave a gentle pat. “You must have
 known, didn’t you?” the neighbor said to Casey. “That’s why you just stopped coming a couple of days ago.”

“Known what?” Carol asked.

“My father died in his sleep the night after Casey’s last visit. She knew her job was over.”




Sheryl Hastings said...

This is breaking my heart! By looking at those nails I can see that the dog has had no human love in a very long time. Unfortunately in my business I see this everyday. That is one of the reasons I'll be leaving my job soon. It's too hard to see this stuff everyday.

DragonflyRidge said...

So sad for the fella :(
Hope he finds some happiness in his old age.Thanks for sharing.Hope everything is going well for you xo

Karen Mortensen said...

Hope that dog can find a good home. That second story was so beautiful.

Debbie Huffaker said...

So sad. I HOPE you found him and can nurse him back to health!!! Also, HOPE you have a great week, my sweet friend!

Janis said...

How heartbreaking. Animals are such a gift and I feel so sad that this dog hasn't been treated right. Glad you gave him a good meal and some kindness.

Jodi Ulschmid said...

So sad about the first dog who needed some love. He knew where to go though to find someone who was caring. The story about Casey is wonderful! Goes to show that everyone, even animals have a purpose here on earth. ♥

watercolors said...

Oh my goodness - goosebumps.

How could anyone abandoned the dog like that. SO very sad!

They are God's creatures that's for sure.

Debbi Huntington said...

if I was close....I would bring him home with me in a second. I hope you found him.

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