Sunday, August 2, 2015

Monday - Twitter Tree© 8/3/15

Monday - Twitter Tree© 

Three days a week, we come together to promote each other. You are invited to join us, as long as you promote all others who share their items and tweets here. This is a great traffic generator which leads to the opportunity for sales.
The Twitter Tree©  
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My Monday tweets:

Jewelry Bags, Old  Brand, Handmade Set of 15  via   

Jewelry Bags, Paper, Handmade Set of 48, 5 x 8 via @sharethis #CCfrnds #Supplies 


ShadowDogDesigns said...
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Linda Blatchford said...
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watercolors said...

Unique Box Elder, Red Flame Exotic Wood Wire Wrap Pendant #CCFRNDS @waterrox

Beautiful, Black & White Ebony Exotic Wood Pendant, Topaz Beaded Necklace #ExoticWoodJewelryAnd #CCFRNDS

We have had monsoon rains for over 2 weeks. Lots of flooding. Looking forward to some SUN in the sunshine state.

Thanks everyone

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Good Sunday afternoon! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here are my two:

ETA: Sorry for deleting the first post and posting again - got one of my own twitter name mis-typed. Duh!

Unique Gothic look flower charm earrings w/ pink lampwork! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds #jewelry

For the beach babe: fun orange & white shell fan & pearl necklace! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds #beach

Also, the Twitter Tree is on my blog - comments are welcome:


Nancy Tonelli said...

Happy Sunday! I finally remembered to post today!

Emerald Green Beaded Bracelet Embellished with | Jazz it up with Designs by Nancy #ccfrnds @tntonelli #jewelry

Handmade Brown beaded Dangle Earrings with Lampwork | Jazz it up with Designs by Nancy #ccfrnds @tntonelli #jewelry

Happy Monday! Thanks for the shares.

Nancy Tonelli said...

caught up

watercolors said...

Scheduled and pinned to here.

Linda Blatchford said...

Gorgeous Blue Wire Wrapped Orbit Necklace @lindab142 #ccfrnds

#Jewish New Year Charm bracelet @lindab142 #ccfrnds

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Roxanne, send some of that rain here! Our monsoon rains haven't been much so far this summer ):

Tweeted, scheduled and pinned to here.

Adorebynat said...

Baby Shower/ Birthday party, #Robot is fun theme to have. Tent Cards by @adorebynat #CCFRNDS

Perfect for any occasion! #Nautical Cupcake Toppers by @adorebynat #CCFRNDS

Dianes Dangles said...

"Sterling Australian Opal Mosaic Doublet Pendant" @dianesdangles #ccfrnds #finejewelry

"Natural Serpentine Gemstone Round Sterling Pendant" @dianedangles #ccfrnds #gemstonejewelry

Claire Marese said...

My Monday tweets:

Multi Color Floral Single Switch Plate with Ecru by ClaireMDesigns via @Etsy @clairemdesigns #CCFRNDS

Nautical Theme Double Metal Switch Plate in Red by ClaireMDesigns via @Etsy @clairemdesigns #CCFRNDS

Dianes Dangles said...

Scheduled tweets to here.

Added to my blog:

Also, just posted photos from my Colorado trip. Any comments would be appreciated.

Pamela Baker said...

Tweeted all so far!
My Monday Tweets:

Crocheted Toddler Girl Sweater Beret.Cranberry by MagdaleneKnits via @Etsy #CCFRNDS #BabyGirl

Hand Knitted Chenille Silk Scarf Blues Purples by MagdaleneKnits via @Etsy #CCFRNDS #HandKnit

watercolors said...

Scheduled/pinned through Pamela.

Claire --- good job on your links.

watercolors said...

Diane, Wow, such wonderful country and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your great trip with us.
I wanna go....

Catherine, I would love to send some of this rain to you. Never seen it rain so much, heavy and for so long.
Guess need to be thankful for the rain, compare to some without.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Got everyone to here.

Roxanne, you must have sent some rain this way because it's pouring outside now. Wasn't in the forecast for today. So . . . thank you!

Claire, I agree with Roxanne - good twitter links!

See everyone tomorrow.

Abhilasha P said...

Hello everyone

My tweets for today

Good time! Hanmade #quilledcard for brother sister friends @PaperSimplicity via Etsy #CCFRNDS

Set of quilled embossed mini #notecards Handy for any occasion @PaperSimplicity Etsy #CCFRNDS

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Priscilla Beautiful Edwardian Woman walking in Winter Log Cabin #Vintage Postcard @ButterflysAttic #CCFRNDS

Cute Little girl w/ boy holding Mistletoe Early 1900's #Vintage Postcard
@butterflysattic #CCFRNDS

Butterfly In The Attic said...

tweeted and scheduled up to here


Butterfly In The Attic said...

Posted the links to

April Williams said...

Good Morning. My Monday Tweets

Silver Spiral Heart Necklace by @ElunaJewelry #CCFRNDS #Shopping

Handmade Gold Hoop Earrings in Various Sizes by @ElunaJewelry #CCFRNDS #Shopping

Adorebynat said...

Caught up. Will check back later.

watercolors said...

Caught up to here.

Catherine, happy that some of my rain went your way.

Just able to use my computer. Adobe decides to do updates and it renders my computer VOID....then I go and delete it anyway as it loads bugs in my computer. Running the Malaware program now.

Have a good day all.

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Good morning - sorry I am so late -

Here are mine for the day:

Orange Flowers & Swallowtail Butterfly Collectible #Thimble - Blue Morning Expressions #ccfrnds

Pink Rose Collectible #Thimble - Blue Morning Expressions #ccfrnds

Have a great day
Julie and Blu

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Caught up. Roxanne, bummer about the computer and adobe.

Dianes Dangles said...

Everyone has been tweeted and scheduled!

Diane Sonnheim said...

Personalized Photo Album Baptism Baby Gift by Daisyblu via @Etsy @Daisyblu_Diane #CCFRNDS #BABYGIFT

Baby Girl Personalized Monogram Photo Keepsake with by Daisyblu via @Etsy @Daisyblu_Diane #CCFRNDS #NEWBABYGIRL

Nancy Tonelli said...

all caught up!

Christie Cottage said...

All tweeted.

Commented on ShadowDogDesigns blog
and Diane's beautiful virtual tour post


Adorebynat said...

Caught up.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Got Diane.

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