Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday - Blue


 We all die. As we get older, we know more and more people who die. We see in the obituaries more and more people closer to our own age, gone. 

 Today my cousins are planning my uncle's funeral. Sad time, but he lived a long full life. So many of my childhood memories he is in.

 When my aunt died, his wife, she had everything planned from the dress she would wear, to her casket being picked out. The music was chosen, the speaker was chosen. She knew her time was near as cancer raged through her body. She prepared her house, as it says in the Bible.

 My uncle's favorite color was blue. She had the entire house redone in his favorite color before she was too ill to change it up. She wanted him surrounded with his favorite color and the knowledge that she had done this with love. 

 As I lay in the bed last night thinking back, I know that he will be laid to rest next to her under those grand old trees. But more than that I know that they are reunited in heaven.

 I thank God for giving us eternal life. For sending His Son to die for our sins.

May you Rest in Peace Uncle

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Hi! I was wondering how you were doing and decided to check out your blog. I am sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. That was such a sweet thing for your aunt to do. Praying for the family at this difficult time!

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