Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monday - Twitter Tree© #CCfrnds

Monday - Twitter Tree© #CCfrnds 



Three days a week, we come together to promote each other. You are invited to join us, as long as you promote all others who share their items and tweets here. This is a great traffic generator which leads to the opportunity for sales.
The Twitter Tree©  

 will be hosted by a different blog M-W-F.

My tweets:


Dress up your sweatshirt@ Necklace - Teal- Bib #Bohe - Pearls via @sharethis @christiecottage #CCfrnds 

Baby Bootie Doll  Christmas Ornament #CrochetPattern @ChristieCottage via #CCfrnds


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Good Sunday afternoon! Cool and rainy here - loving it! Here are my two for the tree:

Sparkling amethyst stalactite necklace w/ lavender amethyst! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds #jewelry

Sweet genuine turquoise teardrop dangle earrings! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds #turquoise


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Shared the Twitter Tree on my blog - any comments are always welcome:


Christie Cottage said...

That necklace is GORGEOUS!!!!

Tweeted yours and your blog post too.

Nap time. BBL to tweet more


Debbie may be rejoining us! Crochet18


watercolors said...

Hi everyone, have a great Sunday.

5 choices 11 x 15 watercolor print #CCFRNDS @waterrox #Florida

Unique, Exotic Wood Earrings, Norfolk Island Pine #CCFRNDS #ExoticWoodJewelryAnd @waterrox

Thanks everyone.

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Good morning,

Here are mine for the day:

Indian Bicycle, Counted Cross Stitch Pattern, #Xstitch - X-Stitch-Patterns #ccfrnds

Cadillac, Caddy Fins, #Hotrod - X-Stitch-Patterns Counted Cross Stitch #ccfrnds

Have a great day,
Julie and Blu

sandy's cape cod originals said...

scheduled up to here
here is my new crochet pattern release. thanks for sharing

Stunning Artistically Inspiring Cardigan Duster Sweater Crochet Pattern #CCfrnds @CapeCodCrochet

Dianes Dangles said...

"Sterling Silver Spiral Scroll Wire Work Link Bracelet" @dianesdangles #ccfrnds #jewelry via @sharethis

#Pink Heart Cat's Eye White Glass Pearl Beaded Earrings @dianesdangles #ccfrnds via @sharethis

Dianes Dangles said...

Scheduled tweets to here,

added Link up to my blog:

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Tweeted, scheduled and pinned to here. Will try to check back later.

watercolors said...

Scheduled to here.

Adorebynat said...

Cute Bumble Bee Cupcake Toppers from @adorebynat #ccfrnds #partysupplies

Love Birds Sticker Personalized Thank You Labels for #wedding #ccfrnds

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Here are mine:

Glimpse the past with Vintage Postcards Night View Gandy Bridge Florida Old Cars @Etsy @ButterflysAttic #CCFRNDS

Greetings of Purple Daffodils on #Vintage Postcard with Rare 1907 Commemorative Stamp @ButterflysAttic #CCFRNDS

Have a blessed day

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Done to here :)

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Reposted the link up at

Claire Marese said...

Monday Tweets:

Sugar Skull Earrings with Red Swarovski by ClaireMDesigns on @Zibbet @clairemdesigns #CCFRNDS

Light Switch Plate Switchplate Football Soccer by ClaireMDesigns via @Etsy @clairemdesigns #CCFRNDS

watercolors said...

To here.

Colleen - I live not too far from the Gandy Bridge. It's the next town over.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Caught up to here. Will check back later.

Nancy Tonelli said...

Morning here are mine for today

Baby Hat and booties 3-6 mos Green Apple Dark Sage Leaves Caron Simply | @JazzitupwithDes #ccfrnds #baby

Ladies Hat Handknit Purple 3 tier flower leaf Button Caron Simply Soft | @JazzitupwithDes #ccfrnds #flapper

Thanks! Have a great Monday.

Nancy Tonelli said...

all caught up.

DonnasDesignsSC said...

Brilliant Orange Hooded Fleece Poncho by @DonnasDesignsSC #A4team #CCfrnds Think Football Gear!

Flaming Orange Mink Fleece Poncho by @DonnasDesignsSC #CCfrnds #a4team Perfect Poncho for Fall!

Thanks, have a great week!

Dianes Dangles said...

Caught up!

watercolors said...

Caught up.

Nancy Tonelli said...

caught up

Adorebynat said...

Caught up.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Caught up.

Butterfly In The Attic said...

tweeted everyone and schedule either for a second day or to catch those I missed

very cool Roxanne I always think it is neat to see familiar places in old postcards. It amazes me how things change but even more fantastic is if everything looks the same except the outfits and cars.

Have a blessed day

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