Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Computer Issues

Is there anything more frustrating than computer problems???

 For several months my computer has gotten more and more bogged down. I splurged and bought a program to speed it up and clean it up. Something I used to be able to do without any assistance. 

 After installing the program and running it and then generating reports on each area and a mere 8+ hours, it is finally working better! 

 I couldn't get things to load properly. All those little tracking cookies we gobble up when we are online were hidden away from site and were just dragging my computer to a crawl.

 It is so much faster now. Not tally optimized, but better and I thank God for that! Patience at the computer is not my strong suit! LOL

 I have many items that have been waiting to be listed. I hope this weekend to get all them listed and then get back in the swing of things. 

 The weather is turning cooler/cold and then warm again which got me sick. Finally better. But there is a nagging cough hanging on for dear life. 

 People are talking about Christmas shopping  and Christmas plans. We really need to have Thanksgiving first! 

 I went into a store yesterday that is decorated for Christmas. The front window has a nostalgic look. It made me feel good seeing it! The ladies worked really hard at getting that look and it is eye catching!. I hope all small businesses do well this year. Having your own business is stressful and competing with the "big box" stores is hard. I shop small as much as possible. 

 I wish you all:
A wonderful Thursday,
Working computers,
A good internet connection,
An easy day at the real job,
and Blessings! 

Here's a treasury I am included in:


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