Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tahlequah Flooding

Talk about rain!

The Illinois River flowing through Cherokee County, Oklahoma
has a record flood of 30.7'

(I can't get the pictures to load to share with you.)

There are many homes and businesses completely ruined by the flood waters.

The businesses on the river that survive from tourism now have a third blow in 2015.

Memorial Day was a wash out. 
Flooding ruined camp sites and equipment. 
They cleaned it up and were ready for a strong 4th of July. Another washout and more flooding. Then this major flood has ruined their hopes for 2016 as they will have to try and salvage what they can.

Most of those business owners live on their float business property. 

Many of the small homes along the river will be a total loss. I am concerned what the people are doing to survive while their homes are under water, let alone when the water subsides and their homes are full of mud, debris and eventually mold.


People drowned in Oklahoma this past week.
The phrase "Turn around don't drown" is one to remember and abide by!

All the homes in Texas that were hit by a tornado and the people killed in their vehicles when the tornado picked them up and tossed them. 

Many people will be hurting.
We should all do what we can to help!


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watercolors said...

SUCH terrible tragedy.

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