Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Happy Wednesday!

Before I post the Twitter Tree link, I want to share what our church is doing for the Illinois River Flood Victims in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.

We regularly prepare relief buckets of cleaning supplies in 4 gallons buckets and they may be shipped all over the world. This month our buckets will be distributed to the flood victims.

They will be receiving:
A mop
Rubber Gloves
Brillo pads
Air freshner
Toilet brushes
Toilet cleaner
and new tooth brushes.

That may not seem like much, but there is a lot of cleanup to be done.

An area business has been loading  debris onto his flatbed trailer to haul to the dump. While many people have insurance, others don't. Even those with insurance must wait for their claims to be settled. Meanwhile they are having to throw away all their contaminated belongings and replacing them. That takes money. While our church can not give money, we can offer the cleaning supplies.

I hope to be able to be of more help to these flood victims.


Heart Pendant, Jasper on silver chain 

Heart Pendant, Jasper on silver  Chain P104 via @sharethis #CCfrnds #Valentines

Vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Wonder Book, 1975 

#Vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Wonder Books @ChristieCottage via #CCfrnds 

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