Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Sharing for Etsy Sellers

Are you preaching to the choir?

I don't participate in the heart five above you type threads. I prefer to promote via twitter and Pinterest. Rarely do I make a treasury because the views just aren't there even from those who are included and have been notified they were included.

I have 17k+ twitter followers and get quite a few impressions per week. Last week was just under 14k. 

The following is from a thread on the Promoting Creative Friends Discussion Forum, Copied and pasted here for you.

Promoting Creative Friends



Jaime DeLanghe from peanutbutterandjaime 10:21 am Aug 24, 2016 EDT
Hi all,

I’m Jaime and I’m the Group Product Manager working on Search. You may have seen some of my past posts about the factors that contribute to your item’s relevance in Etsy’s search or other announcements. With my presentation at the recent Etsy Up conference, my aim was to help sellers better understand how Search on Etsy works and provide some best practices for optimizing their listings for it. Unfortunately, we don’t have a transcript of the talk. I’ve answered some of your questions here.

+++ Is Etsy trying to remove view or favorite inflation from “click team” or organized favoriting activities?
It appears that some sellers have organized with teams or member groups to systematically view and favorite one another’s items to influence search placement. We’re actively working on ways to better discern between these different types of favoriting activities and when an item is trending or gaining bona fide interest from buyers. We’d like the search algorithm to rely on signals that mirror common shopper behavior. While clicking and favoriting activities do not currently have a negative impact on an item’s search placement, we are monitoring this behavior to ensure that it does not improve an item's placement in search.

Like all work on the search algorithm, this will always be a work in progress.

+++ Should I stop participating in clicking and favoriting games?
Clicking and favoriting activities with the intention of increasing search ranking is not something we encourage. To help improve your search placement, we recommend spending your time on improving your listing quality by working on your tag and title relevance. You can also encourage clicks, favorites, and purchases from search results by making your product photographs really interesting and “clickable” which will in turn help your placement. These are the most reliable methods for improving your placement within Etsy’s search results.

You may also want to focus your energy on driving traffic to your shop and listings from outside of Etsy (through social media and blogs) which will also help to improve your SEO outside of Etsy.

+++ Is Etsy asking sellers to stop favoriting and viewing each other items completely?
Nope! This is a pretty fantastic community of talented makers and curators and we know how fun it is to browse and shop from one another’s offerings.

+++ How does clicking and favoriting activity impact the search relevance of an item on Etsy?
If a buyer clicks, favorites, or purchases an item after they’ve seen it in search results, that action contributes to the listing’s quality score which can positively impact the listings placement in search. If an item is clicked or favorited outside of search results (through another shopping experience or directly from the shop), there is no impact on search placement. An item that receives a favorite, regardless of the source, may get the added bonus of exposure through a buyer’s activity feed.

We are continuously updating our search education to help you be successful in the marketplace. You can learn more about how search works here:

I hope this helps!
Posted at 1:23 pm Sep 11, 2016 EDT


I shared this with my teams on Etsy.

Please share with your friends who sell on Etsy.


Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Thanks for that post and information.

First Light Glass said...

Thanks for sharing.

Linda Blatchford said...

Interesting. Thanks for the update.

Sally Ann said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Very helpful.

Pamela Baker said...

Two other Teams that I am on have already implemented these changes, stopping all Favathon games. It does makes sense that these games of "hearting" are only viewed within a Team. The best way to get your items out there is through the many Social Media sites - something "TwitterTree" has been doing for a few years!

Emy Alketa Varga said...

I was always wondering when this hearting game will come to the end. I still participate here and there (darn I like to hear the etsy notice :-)) but with the apps that do all the fave and clicking for you defenitly is not help. I like twiter though and pintrest.

Grace So said...

Thanks for sharing! A lot to think about!

Audra said...

I stopped doing this more then 6 month ago, because I feel very uncomfortable and
dishonorable participating in all these favatons and heart games. But I still are creating Treasuries:) After a stopping this activity on Etsy I still think that it was realy great form of promoting and space for creativity and relationship between Etsyans:) And I still miss the nice Front Page..

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