Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two Candidates - One Vote

Venturing where this blog has never gone...

Two candidates
One vote

Did you watch the debate last night?

As I listened to the follow up commentary, I sometimes wonder if I was watching a different debate. Of course, I didn't watch the entire debate. Some of it is just old news to me.

I did check twitter after the debate to see what was being said. I listened to the PBS commentators as they summed up what they heard. 

I listened to the morning news to see what Oklahoma thought, as it most represents my views for the future of America.

What I liked:
Keeping jobs in America.Manufacturing jobs and plants staying on American soil. 

What did you like about the debate?

This isn't an argument platform, just sharing what you liked last night.



Christie Cottage said...

"trending on twitter"

41.5K Tweets


Christie Cottage said...


103K Tweets

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Christie Cottage said...

Update from "trending"

237K Tweets

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Christie Cottage said...


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