Monday, December 26, 2016

Mostly Business Monday

You did it!

You survived Christmas!

It's time to make plans for the new year.

I have been rearranging items in 

I had tried using the renumbering system and was having no luck. Then searched google (good friend to me) and found that by simply dragging the items by the cross hairs on the left side they could be rearranged. Hooray!
There is no Twitter Tree today, because I just feel like people need a break from having to buy items.
What do you plan to change up for the New Year?
Are you making resolutions?

For many years my resolution was to not buy craft supplies, unless it was needed to finish a project from supplies I had on hand. I think that one is good for another year!

I have so much fabric on hand. Fabric from Miss Dorothy and from others that I am adding a new resolution this year...

I will be making quilts out of all the fabric that is suitable for quilts. They will be used for charities. Either as fund raiser items  or just directly give to individuals or to shelters. Either lap size or twin size. Not made for beauty but for utility. I may even help the Girl Scouts group sew quilts. 

I have also thought of a charity project with Pringles cans for the needy.

You know... Helping others brings such a blessing!

Angel whispers:
Friday evening I stopped at the store and while I was ready to check out I had this feeling come over me like someone was telling me that I needed to buy my friend a little something and take it by her house on the way home.

I grabbed 4 two liter pops and 4 packages of gum with multiple packs because I knew Mary would have all her grandkids and family there for Christmas.  (Mary lost her husband 5 months ago and her daughter-in-law Nora {my friend} a week ago)

I go in her house and she was thrilled. Then she told me her water pipes had frozen and burst  and she had no water. I told her if she had the big jugs, come to my house and fill them and to come to take showers. She is only a mile as the crow flies from here.  She said she would.

I called my friend at church was is also Mary's friend. She could get 5 gallon jugs from church. She said she would bring them Christmas Eve morning. I had to go to town and I bought Mary a case of water to drink and for coffee.

Anyway, The Angel whisper sent me to Mary's. I shared the angel whisper and two old friends visited on Christmas Eve. What a gift!

Listen to your angel's whisper.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday.

I am on vacation and I plan to stay away from the computer as much as possible this week.

I have closets that need to be cleaned!

1 comment:

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Angel whispers do have a way directing you to people who need you. Good luck on those closets, Jacki!!! (:

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