Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday - Helping others

Chewey, Oklahoma 

Once again the Chewey Community was hit by floods. Eighteen months ago many homes were flooded. This year only eight homes had flood damage.

My church and a couple of other people bought the usual cleaning supplies, rags, bleach, rubber gloves and loaded them into five gallon buckets for the flood victims. 

I delivered them Sunday after church. The rural road was a mess!  Hunks of asphalt is missing and large gaping holes are in the asphalts place. I worried that a vehicle would pass me and that my truck would flip over if I got into one of those holes. Water was still standing over the road in one spot. The Illinois River floods a lot in recent years.

The families will come by and pick up their buckets as they haul their ruined possessions to the giant dumpsters that were left for flood victims 

Thanks to Eva Manning for meeting me there Sunday afternoon!

Thanks to those who donated items to fill the buckets.

1 comment:

ShadowDogDesigns said...

It's always wonderful when communities come together to help those are affected by weather, trauma or other things. Bless you and your church, Jacki!

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