Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Too Hard to Believe!

Let's talk....

As I clicked links today from our Monday link-up I could not believe my eyes!!!

We list an item on Etsy. 
True we only pay 20 cents to list, 
but we still pay and list it in OUR shop. 
We promote the link to the item we listed in our shop, and what appears on the link???

Six options of similar items available on Etsy from other shops!
Not at the bottom of the screen, but at the very top of the screen so a potential shopper would have to scroll down to see the item we listed in our shop, under our listing!


Who thinks this is right????

Here is what I am talking about:

When you click this link

This is what you is see

Instead of this

Labradorite Earrings Drop Dangle Hypoallergenic ear wires by watercolorsNmore

When you click this link

 Instead of this

Avon, Earrings, Vintage, Purple Flower, Clip-on Earrings

When you click this link

Instead of

Black White Ebony Orchid Exotic Wood Pendant Wire Wrapped Antique Copper non tarnish wire Handcrafted repurposed by ExoticWoodJewelryAnd


Tell Etsy about it!


Sew Upscale said...

I can't understand why anyone at Etsy would ever think this is right. That's just what I want, spend time promoting my product only to have them see and possibly buy from another shop.

Pam Troutman said...

I checked on my phone and my laptop... via phone, you only see the item in the link. Obviously it is a space issue, because I got the spread of "other items" when I looked via my laptop. They are obviously searching off of key words in the title, because when I plugged in one of my items, (https://www.etsy.com/listing/521454199/carved-red-coral-koi-fish-with-black?ref=shop_home_active_8) it came up with such a weird variety I was confused at first.
I agree this is wrong, the placement of the "other items" should go to the bottom of the page if it needs to be there at all. I understand what Etsy is trying to do - promote more sales through complimentary items, but if they hit too close to the mark (like another set of earrings competing with yours), then that is not fair to be top billing. Shoppers tend to look first and read later, if at all.

AdelaidesCorner said...

I think it's completely disgusting on Etsy's part. My experience as of late has been that new shops are copying ideas very close to original items and then selling them for less. I don't like this studio either. That's the same idea there. If you look at a supply, there are all kinds of others similar and many cheaper. People say new shops are being seen more in search. Yeah! They are making sales off of the established shops without advertising.

watercolors said...

I agree....those not familiar would click on the choices and NOT scroll down to the initial listing.....thus is justNOT right.
We end up promoting competing items....what are they thinking????

watercolors said...

I agree....those not familiar would click on the choices and NOT scroll down to the initial listing.....thus is justNOT right.
We end up promoting competing items....what are they thinking????

Christie Cottage said...

I just could not believe it yesterday!

The bottoms of our items have many more competing items with larger pictures.

I promote mine and many other shops items in a big way. Wen I saw that I am promoting 6 other shops that I never heard of I was not a happy promoter!


Dayna said...

It must have been corrected as I see your page and none of what you are showing. I clicked on each link to make sure.

Scottie Acres Boutique

Solveiga Kiran said...

I am not happy about this either:)
wish you all many happy sales!

ShadowDogDesigns said...

That's odd because I see listings just as they normally are, not with all the other extra stuff. Maybe they did away with the ads or maybe because I run ad block on my computer? Read two days ago on eCommerce Bytes that people were VERY up in arms, both over the ads AND with suspending shops that hadn't set up Etsy Payments. An estimated 36,644 shops closed on their own accord from May 1 through June 1. I have had major problems recently with google searching for items on Etsy. I find an item, click on the pic on Google and then am taking to a big page of similar items and have to scroll until I find the item I want, sometimes finding it on page 3 or so. NOT good for Etsy sellers and not good for potential buyers . . .

UpLATEagain said...

I agree, too! Maybe if suggestions were a the BOTTOM of the page it would be "ok-ish".

One shop I know of said that if you post your link with the NAME OF YOUR SHOP immediately folowing etsy/ and before he item number, it would take you right to the item page in your shop.

Unknown said...

When I click the links I see the item on top and the suggestions at the bottom. I thought I read somewhere that this was another Etsy "Test".

button said...

This is just terrible! I'm experiencing a devistating drop in sales on Etsy . (Buttonwilloe). One sale a week if that. This is normally a very busy time for me for wedding cake toppers. Single didget views daily the past month or so. Very discouraging. I do t know what to do.

Andrea Meador said...

I agree! I do not like this either. On my phone the listing shows up wi similar items on ETSY below the item and before information about the owner. I would like a link to my item to only show my item. This is normally a busy time for me as well and sales have dropped drastically since ETSY made this last change.

Cathy Morgan said...

I am not happy about it. That was one of the main reasons I left Artfire.

Miss Hettie said...

This is a Test--not everyone sees the "other" items at the top of the page. You can read about it here:


I agree, I'm disappointed in how Etsy has handled this

Suzanne said...

It is not testing me. Everything looks as it should. Bad etsy - that's a terrible idea. Etsy doesn't care what is sold as long as there is a sale, and they already have your listing fee.

teaman said...

It amazes me how Etsy continues to screw over it's loyal sellers. I can't even find my shop through basic searches. I mean...I only have 18000 sales and rank second on food and drink sellers so I guess I don't matter. Etsy is stumbling along as they try new things....ever and over....each time they make changes it is we the sellers who get hurt.

Linda Blatchford said...

Another Etsy change that does more to hurt established sellers. And, the new dashboard on my phone is difficult to navigate.

I'm very unhappy.

Rosemary Lambert said...

It may be nice for the buyer, but bad for us as sellers. They need to put the ads at the bottom. We paid to have our items stand out. I'm not sure whether this will cause people to not post very many items. Very discouraging!

PrettyGonzo said...

I agree - this is pretty outrageous. However, you can prevent the recommendations from showing up if you add your shop name to any link you post in social media. See this from Etsy:


I tried it, and it does work. But adding your shop name is a major pain in the butt, and you end up having to use a long URL (at least I did).

Etsy's getting incredibly irritating. Not looking forward to losing the ability to switch to the old Seller Tools after today.

Oh well ... Seems par for the course. Hang in, folks. :)

Marsha Baltz said...

I have to agree with you, I don't appreciate Etsy doing this to us, not one bit. I pay to promote and if they click to see my item then tha's what they should see. My sales have tanked since all the changes and this does not help at all. I have been here since 2008, all my items are completely handmade by me, I follow the rules and I want to sell, why does that have to be so difficult anymore??

Etsy please hear us!!

Christie Cottage said...

Thank you all for the comments and for all the others who chose not to comment, but viewed/read.

I don't want to have to add my shop name in the link. I want to promote the item from the url it is given.

OH well...


Christie Cottage said...

Here it all is:



Chris sutherland said...

I agree too! I am SOOO frustrated with EtSY right now. I have tried even using the same key words as the #1 item very similar to mine and mine shows up 14 pages later???? Go figure!

Pamela Baker said...

Etsy has been little by little over the past few year been "screwing" many of its Sellers the past few years. They call it improvements for our Shops. I call it their promoting specific Shops for their own agenda. First it was adding their own suggestions of favorites if someone clicked on my list of favorites, or sending emails "Etsy suggests..." which I just delete and don't look at, as I know what I like and don't. Totally dislike their "revamped" Shop page - in which they take up the whole left sidebar with Dashboard - STATS - Listings - Production Assistance?, etc. - took me a while to figure how to get back to my Shop page.

Yesterday I received numerous convo's from various Team Captains about their posting their choice of items at the top of the page of a specific item in our Shops. So far I haven't had this happening in my Shops, but I find it a complete intrusion of what we are paying to list.

Also, has anyone noticed the absence of views at the page bottom of each item. Something I would keep track of to see what is attracting potential Buyer's. All of this is only pushing more and more Sellers to seek out other venues to sell our items.

Catherine (ShadowDog) not only are Seller's leaving in droves from Etsy, but their stock has continuing been going down each month. Maybe they should take this as a sign that what they are doing is not in the interest of Seller, but themselves!!!!

Roxanne Coffelt said...

I just saw this on Twitter! (just luck!) When I click on that link I don't see anything but what appear to be Roxanne's items. Is it possible they changed it already?

When I left Artfire for Etsy I did so because I need a marketplace that will send me traffic. For some reason, I have never been able to generate traffic on my own despite reading hundreds of articles of advice. So far I think I am doing as well on Etsy as I did on AF before it went bad. If Etsy goes bad too, then I don't know what I will do.

Rosemary Lambert said...

Besides this problem, I've had trouble getting a new listing shared to Pinterest and Twitter. There used to be a place when you just listed to share on the upper right hand corner, now I can't find it.
They keep changing things without allowing sellers to give an opinion. You'd think they'd at least ask the big volume sellers before making major changes.
My shop sales have really slowed this year. I do a lot of cards for bridal parties, so I figured maybe there have been less weddings this year. For some reason, sales are down.

Christie Cottage said...

Thank you everyone who took the time to share and comment


Rhonda said...

It used to be that Etsy was a top notch place to do business. They respected us because WE brought in the money for THEM. Now that they have grown (and new people have entered into management possible?), it seems to be the almighty dollar that is important and not the respect to their loyal clients who have built Etsy into what it is today. Greed is nothing but evil. This news is disturbing. I agree with many of the comments....why do so many work so hard to promote (as Etsy preaches) only to have Etsy themselves sabatoge the efforts. GREED! So sad.....

Donna Batzer said...

I am very disappointed in the many changes happening at ETSY now. I don't think you will find one SELLER who appreciates ETSY advertising other products on your shop page link. But at this point they don't think the Seller's have or should have a voice. I know there will be lots that leave because of this and all the many other changes. SAD, maybe a new version of ETSY will start and replace the ETSY gone EBAY

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