Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - Snakes


Yep, snakes!

Several months ago I got up in the night to get a drink and for some strange reason I walked to the kitchen for a drink. I saw something on the floor with the glow from the 4 watt nightlight. I walked over right next to it to turn on the ceiling light. What do you think it was?

If I hadn't had the glue traps by the door to catch the lizards who love hanging out on the back porch and run in when I open that back door, I would not have caught that snake. It got stuck and had flipped itself over and gotten stuck to the rug.

I no longer have that rug. 

He came in through the dryer vent which had gotten stuck open from the lint. Go clean your dryer vent!

Last night when I came home carrying bags from the grocery I sat one down in the chair on front porch to unlock the door. Can you guess what was staring at me????

Yep, another snake! Hanging from the house number!

 I know it was a small baby snake, but it is gone now.

I keep a shovel and pick ax on porch just for these things. Last night I put moth balls on front porch and out back by dryer vent.

Moth balls stink, but they keep snakes away! LOL


Julie L. Cleveland said...

geeze louise, you got you some snakes! I bet the one that glued itself to your floor really felt stupid! Good thing you are armed because the copperhead needs to die. Glad you are okay, but am really impressed that you don't have huge holes in your home and floor from blasting them away with a shotgun. :)
PS - I did not know that about the moth balls

Christie Cottage said...

LOL The rug that was by the back door got chopped up! I opened the door and threw it and that big snake out via the shovel!

That was a good snake, but any snake in the house is not "good" :-)


Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Yikes. NO FUN at all!

Good thing you have armed yourself for whatever is coming next.

Take care and be aware - like we all have to be.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Wow! Glad you saw the copperhead before it got you. Hard to imagine it climbed up and was hanging from the house number. There are many joys of living in the country. Dealing with unexpected snakes is not one of them! Glad you are OK, Jacki.

Christie Cottage said...

I love living in the country but u wish the snakes would go further in the country!


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