Sunday, June 10, 2018

Terrifying Tuesday - Texting

This is a terrifying picture!!!!

Texting and Driving KILLS 

This picture was taken from Facebook and needs to be shared.

My sympathies to family of this person.


ShadowDogDesigns said...

A friend of mine was rear ended last week by a young person texting. Fortunately, even though all were taken to the hospital, no one was hurt very badly. Sure messed up both cars. "Needing" to reply to a text is worth getting killed over.

Christie Cottage said...

I was mortified when I saw this picture. People text all the time while driving. In an instant they could be gone.

Pamela Baker said...

I saw this picture on FB the other day. It amazes me that people still continue to text and drive, that includes talking on the phone; checking your messages. Are they that important that they must be on Social Media 24/7. Unfortunately for this young girl that will never be.
It does scare me everytime my boys go out their friends. Thanks for sharing - I hope more people see this!

Christie Cottage said...

Thanks Pam. Yes. About two years ago I was almost hit head on by a girl texting. I sat on my horn and she finally looked up, slammed on her brakes and gave me a dirty look.

I was reset ended at a bank drive thru years ago. She knocked me past the drop. Got out of her car and told me it was "ok, because I was talking to my mom"!!!

Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Horrifying picture. So sad.

Christie Cottage said...

All over a cellphone

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