Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Spiritual

Read at least the first two lines....Never thought of it!
Jesus died over 2000 years ago.
Nobody has ever referred to him as the late Jesus,
Not even the heathens.
Nowhere in history.
Nowhere has He EVER been referred to in the past tense!
He is the Living God!
When Jesus died on the cross He was thinking of you!
If you are one who will stand up for Him, it might be good to forward this.
"May God Smile on You Today


Beth - Paper Angels Photography said...

Love this!

sweetybird09 said...

Great post, He is alive!!!!!!

Terri's Little Haven said...

He sure is alive. And we will meet Him one day. I'm going to send this to my parents they will love it.

joybug56 said...

Just wanted to say about the book, Hinds Feet on High one of the most awesome books I have is wonderful

Karen Mortensen said...

Amen. We don't talk of him in the past because he is not dead. He lives. Thank you so much for posting this today.

Patricia said...

Wonderful! He Lives! Amen!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind comment.

sara elizabeth said...

Great piece of info! Thanks for sharing. BTW, did you look at this One can submit their coupons to get the maximum exposure!

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