Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Boston Marathon, Explosion near Waco, Texas, Storms in Oklahoma

This has been a week, for sure!
Explosion near Waco, TX
Photo credit

Bixby, Ok

Trailer Home Tossed Onto Another Home In Spavinaw

And you are all familiar with the pictures from the Boston Marathon!


We should all take the time to pray for each and every person affected by these disasters, manmade and natural disasters.

These are life altering events and some will take years, 
if ever, to overcome.

As I watched PBS last night, Charlie Rose and the interview with the reporter from Boston who was at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon, the affect on him is deep within him. He was struggling to even tell of the sight. Saying seconds felt like minutes as he looked on and how there was a quiet. No screaming out for help. Just stares as the people were in shock,


Mushroom cloud from explosion in Texas, looks like the mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb

The people of Texas, so many killed and 
wounded and so many homes destroyed and missing fire fighters.
As more and more tragedies are seen on television and other social media, people become indifferent. Tuning out the news..
Today, rather than tune the news out, 
stop and take time to pray for healing.


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I'm in Texas, though not close to where the explosion happened -- it's all over the news. Thanks for your prayers.

watercolors said...

Thoughts and prayers for all of the diasterious situations.

Prayers for healing and our country.

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