Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Promoting. . Handmade vs Resellers and more

Well, it's Thursday already!

As I was was thinking of my post for today, going back over time and remembering how it used to be with online sales.

I remember with eBay, we only had to list something. It got tons of views and usually sold.

I remember on Etsy, you'd list your items, post in the original Promotion Forum and the item would get a lot of views. (That was before the pictures showed up and there were a million teams.) Treasuries were only available when others expired and you had to be fast to get one. They also got a lot of views without promoting. I remember when there weren't 1000's of resellers there too. Don't you? I remember sales too...

Now it seems that if we aren't sitting at our computer, holding our iPad or laptop and constantly blasting out over the world wide web, there are no views.

All the time we used to spend making crafts, or cleaning our houses is now interrupted with online promoting.

Is there a secret to success? I looked through some Etsy shops recently and saw that the resellers are the main shops getting sales. So do we give up on our handmade shops? Or do we go buy mass produced packing, stickers, etc and sell them? I am not talking about shops that sell small packs of destash from their crafting projects. I see items that say "handmade" and I know they are not, as I have some of those same "earrings" a friend gave me from her "Buy it by the Pound" purchases. 

I am sure there are resellers on ArtFire too. I just wish there was a box at the top of the screen on the "handmade" sites that say "Show Handmade" or "Show Mass Produced".

I am happy for anyone who gets a sale online or at craft shows. I just wish that "handmade" meant "handmade". Even at Craft shows...

A shop recently told me about Reddit/Etsy. I had never heard of it. I was browsing non-etsy/Artfire and came across a website about online marketing/promoting. I saw they had Reddit. So I looked at Reddit/Etsy. Clicked an Etsy item there and then asked the shop via convo about her traffic from it. She said there are a lot in her feed from Reddit.

Have you tried Reddit?
Rebelmouse?  (I get tons of hits on ArtFire from here)
Are you constantly tweeting? I am :) 

Are you addicted to Pinterest? When I first discovered it, I was pinning like a mad woman. I found the cutest kids crafts. VBS craft projects. We even did our meals from food ideas on Pinterest!

I read on a site that people are 99.9% turned off when you post your "whole" shop link on your social media page.

If this sounds like a rant, it is not. Just the facts on how I feel.

What are your thoughts on this?Let me know!





watercolors said...

Jacki, I hear you.

For those of us who labor and put lots of time in our created product to be undersold by mass produced (cheap) items. It is discouraging. I have worked as an artist for over 33 years and take pride in my art and workmanship. Too bad that the general public don't realize the value of handcrafted pieces.

It is becoming extremely hard to be seen on etsy and if you do - have to devote so many hours a day for the visibility and still doesn't translate into sales.

I don't think there is an easy fix.

Have a great day and thanks for allowing me to jump on your bandwagon.


Christie Cottage said...

Thanks Roxanne.

I know that it is becoming harder and harder to get sales. Hours are spent promoting a $3 item and then it FINALLY sells and you realize how much promoting it took for that sale. Deduct your listing fee. Deduct your fee and what do you have left?

Thanks for being brave enough to post.


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