Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Featuring Two Great Shops!


Custom Embroidered Space Shuttle Zip Hoodie for Child


Product Description
Get your budding space cadet child a custom embroidered space shuttle zip hoodie. This hooded sweatshirt features spaceship embroidery on the left chest. The rocket ship is surrounded by stars and features a large star on the side of the spacecraft. In the sample photo, the hooded fleece has a shuttle embroidered with a red star.

You may use the "Leave Comment to Seller" option during checkout to specify a different color star. You may also specify hoodie color. The space shuttle hooded sweatshirt is available in athletic heather, black, dark green, maroon, navy, red, royal, and white. Many thread colors are available for the star. If no color scheme is specified, space shuttle will be embroidered on a red sweatshirt with a red star.

The hooded sweatshirt is available in eight colors: athletic heather, black, dark green, maroon, navy, red, royal, and white. This youth hoodie does not have a drawcord at the hood for safety. It zips close and features front pouch pockets. It is available in the following youth sizes: XS(4), S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20). This listing is for one youth size small red zip hoodie unless specified otherwise during checkout.


Jack O Lantern Embroidered Halloween Bag Pumpkin Orange



Product Description
Use this handmade bag to pass out candy on Halloween or to gather candy in the hands of a child or grandchild. It has been embroidered with two frightful jack o' lanterns on pumpkin orange fabric. Bag is fully lined with black and white fabric.

Pumpkin Embroidery
The two carved pumpkins are surrounded by twisted, curling, filigree-style foliage - the remains of the old pumpkin patch vines. Both jack o'lanterns have been illuminated from within to show their carved faces. The larger one has a jagged, crooked smile with triangular eyes. The smaller pumpkin has rounded eyes of different sizes and a squiggle of a smile. A golden full moon frames the entire scene.

The jack o'lantern and foliage are stitched using black polyester embroidery thread which has been manufactured in the USA. Gold and orange are used for the full moon and pumpkin faces. Embroidery measures about 4 inches tall by 7 inches wide and used 30,028 stitches to sew.

Our Jack o' lantern Halloween bag is handmade out of orange canvas-weight cotton. The orange fabric has a slightly coarse texture. The artist specifically selected a botanically-themed fabric to line the bag. Lining fabric is black with white details that echo the twisted shapes of the pumpkin vine silhouette. The lining wraps over the top of the bag to bind the embroidered orange shell and lining together. This binding method means that a 1" strip of the lining is visible at the top of the bag.

Bag has two handles on the sides; they are positioned so that the jack o lantern embroidery is visible when your child holds out the bag while trick-or-treating. Long handles were not used to prevent children from dragging the bag on the ground while running from house to house on All Hallows Eve.

Embroidered Trick or Treat Bag
*8.5"w x 12.5"h x 4"d
*12.5" handles (5" rise from top of bag)
*Jack-o-Lantern embroidery on one side of bag
*Handmade in USA

If your children ever outgrow trick-or-treating, this bag will still be useful to pass out candy. Take it to Halloween parties, where it's bound to attract attention. You can show it off and feel good that you have something made in the USA.


 Handmade Large Clear Acrylic Photo Keychain ID Tag, Bottlenose Dolphin


Product Description
Calling all dolphin lovers! This large photo keychain measures 3 x 2 inches, not including the keyring, and is made of heavyweight and crystal clear acrylic. This handmade key chain or ID tag is large enough that you will not lose your keys quite so easily!

If you love dolphins or know someone who does, this is a great addition to their collection. This key chain can use this for keys or to attach to a purse or backpack or luggage or just about anywhere desired as an ID type tag or fob as well as a keychain.

It is very enjoyable just to look at it and....smile! And the colors are so refreshing.

There is a matching greeting card available.

The story behind this is that I took a photo of this dolphin in the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas and never dreamed it would turn out so well. But I surely am glad it did and it makes a wonderful keychain or tag.

This stunning simple photo has quite a story! I waited a long time to see the dolphins in the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel. The trainers told me that the dolphins like to float in front of a mister that sprays out a fine water mist...don't know why they like it so much since they LIVE in water!! But anyway, this one particular dolphin will float in front of the mister for up to an hour at a time...and this particular day he was there, really seeming to enjoy being sprayed! It was fantastic to see and his "smile" really seems to indicate he is having a great time - almost as much as I did watching!!

Giraffe Fabric Debit Credit ID Business Gift Card Case Holder


Product Description
Now you can carry debit and credit cards, business cards, or other types of ID cards very easily in a clear vinyl case that has style and pizzazz!

I made this using cardstock insert that I bonded a neat piece of fabric to that is a black and white giraffe print...or at least I think it's giraffe! It's a wild animal of some sort!

The vinyl case or cover is 2-5/8 inches tall and 3-7/8 inches wide. The fabric-covered insert is the same on front and back. It has two built-in sleeves, one on each inside area of the case, so you can use this to hold up to 4 cards (2 per section).

This compact size makes it easy to carry a few important cards with you in a small purse, your briefcase, pocket, or backpack. And your special designer fabric choice stays nice and clean for long-term use.

This makes a terrific gift for a friend, neighbor, co-worker, teacher, secret pal, etc.

This is also a nice way to give a gift card to someone so they have two gifts in one!

Note: The fabric placement is different for each case when I cut out the fabric, so the appearance varies a little from the exact one in the photo.

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