Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday SHOP Made in America

Happy Saturday!

Today let's
 Many of my online friends are running into the same thing I am and have at Craft Shows and on our "handmade" websites.  Resellers...

Today, let's step back and think about this.
Do you see American's struggling to make ends meet?
Do you see American's losing money to import resellers?
Do you want to make a difference?

You can make a difference!
Made in America!

Today, I have Made in America items shown here.
You can find many more at shops being promoted on my sidebar.

Buy a Made in America item today!

Turtle Bath Mitt Crocheted - Ready to Ship     Brown available too   

Fused Glass Jewelry, Wine Bottle Trays and Home Decor #MadeinAmerica  
DianesDangles Coin Jewelry...Indian Head Penny Coin #Earrings 14 kt Gold Filled #MadeInAmerica @dianesdangles

 Colors of a desert sunset: Swarovski & copper chandelier earrings! @ShadowDogDesign #MadeinAmerica #ccfrnds

Not many participants today, but that's OK!

Wave your flag and BUY a Made in America item today!

I did! 
These are the 
Made in America 
items I bought today!

from First Light Glass



First Light Glass said...

Thank you so much for the feature!!

Tweeting and pinning away :)

watercolors said...

Nice, I tweeted all.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Even better -- shop HANDMADE in America!
Nice features!

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thank you, Jackie! What really gets me is those sellers, like at the sho I'm at right now, who pass themselves off as "handmade" - and they might have a few handmade items - but 90% of what they have is Chinese import junk. A lady next to me is selling "gemstone" necklaces for $10! My lowest priced earrings start at $20. I only hope the owner of winery gets more involved in the show and doesn't entrust it all to the lady who put this one together and let anyone into this supposedly "handmade artists market". We'll see . . .

Dianes Dangles said...

Tweeted and scheduled again for tonight.

I know what you mean Catherine, I once did a handmade show, and they put me right next to a vendor that was obviously not handmade, selling very low priced items. You would think that the craft show owner would have at least space us jewelry vendors out a little more.

It is very difficult in my area to find a truly handmade art and craft shows. Some of these shows have a hard time finding vendors so they just fill spaces with any vendor.

So now I do just online sales, no more shows for me. Most of my sales are from out of state, I never get sales from Michigan.

Good luck in your shows, Your jewelry is beautiful, and people who know jewelry will know the difference between quality handmade jewelry and manufactured costume jewelry.

Julie and Blu said...


Almost Precious said...

Great post ! Unfortunately resellers are cropping up everywhere and pushing the true handmade artists and crafters aside. I've given up on Etsy as I cannot list enough items each day to keep my shop up at the forefront of the search engines - it is hard to compete with a Chinese import shop that lists several hundred items daily. :(

I do know that this Christmas I refuse to purchase anything made in China . . . no matter how much one of my grandchildren may want it. So yes that means I will not be shopping at China-Mart . . . uh I mean Wal-Mart.

Christie Cottage said...

I just got a phone call about a "craft" show next weekend. I kept probing and then she said ther would be yard sale stuff ther and mass produced stuff. I may still go woith yard sale stuff.

The last two items shown above are the Handmade in America items I bought today


Christie Cottage said...

Just tweeted this

hristie Cottage ‏@christiecottage 1m

Live in America? SHOP Made in America … via @christiecottage @Shadowdogdesign @Dianesdangles @waterrox @firstlightglass


Suzanne said...

Thank you and thank you. I actually got free tickets (in San Francisco you pay to go) to a green festival craft fair last weekend to do recon for next year. We searched the entire place and, in our opinion, only found 2 true they made it themselves booths. The booking agent looked at my ArtFire shop and assured me I would fit in beautifully as I'm so in to recycling, and offered me a booth for 595 for the weekend two weeks before the show. Saw the vacant booth, and so glad I opted for a recon mission. There were thousands of people there, but I don't think I would have come close to even making my booth fee. Online seems to be my best option so far.

Christie Cottage said...

You're welcome Suzanne! I will be using those as "bows" on my Christmas packages and they won't get smashed!

I love recyled and handmade!

OK< back to bed for me.


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