Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Pinterest #CCfrnds

Good morning!!!

This morning I was determined to get a post up... Weather and my satellite connection are not the best of friends! Yesterday I came in the office at 3:45Am only to find there was no signal. This morning I arrived at the computer at 3:50AM. A signal, even though it is slow.

So let's talk about Pinterest 

How is it working for you?

Over the past month I have multiple new followers highly concentrated on three of my boards. (The links will open a new window.)

Twitter Tree
Made in America

The Twitter Tree and CAPS Team are pinned a lot. The Made in America board not so much. I made that board when the news people were doing the features on "Made in America" items. Thinking it would boost sales. I think as time goes on, the Made in America branding will go a long way.


Now let's talk about sales. Or should we say "lack" of sales???

The first thing to remember is it is August

August is back to school, last vacations before school starts and saving for Labor Day weekend trips before the weather turns. It is traditionally a low sales month.

The second thing....
Are you shopping online from small businesses? I think we should always step back and look at the whole picture. If you aren't shopping, and you know the reasoning, then you can better understand why others aren't.

I have not purchased online since last month, or maybe it was in June with the items not arriving until July. ( Entirely too long for the product to arrive.) 

Maybe we should set a Shop Handmade Day and all buy one item. No minimum. Just do it! What do you think?


Have a wonderful Thursday!


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