Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Linkup Promotions Team

Happy weekend!

Today we are hosting a
linkup for

This "team" was formed when Etsy did away with the original promotion forum. 

It's just about promoting your online items.

Absolutely  NO MATURE items can be posted here.
If you post mature items here you will cause the linkup to close and all others who followed the rule will lose out on the extra promoting!

If you are on twitter, please follow us

Please follow this blog too. (Follow button on right sidebar).



Mami Made It said...

Thank you! Already promoted the Link Up!

Christie Cottage said...


I have tweeted thru 27 at the time of posting this comment.


watercolors said...

Thanks so much for the invite.

Clicked, Faved (if on etsy) and pinned to my board through #38:

Will come back later and catch others and promote more.

watercolors said...

FAVED all through #38 and Tweeted:

Please follow me as well.

ExoticWoodJewelry & watercolorsNmore

Judy said...

Thank you!!!
Holly Ridge Folk Art

Christie Cottage said...

Tweeted thru item #39


Unknown said...

Thank you for the invite!
Dolphin Moon Creations

Tracy said...

Thank you pinning to pinterest right now and tweeting.

sheila oxley said...

Thank you!!!! I really appreciate the help! Off to check out some of the other Linkups!

Christine Wagenblass said...

Thanks for the opportunity - pinned to pinterest

Christie Cottage said...

Glad you are all joining in!

Tweeted thru #59

The Butterfly's Feet said...

Thank you Christie!
Butterfly Feet Digital

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christie!
Promoted on:

Marla Jollie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christie !

Janis Lee Colon said...

Thank you Christie! I pinned to
And will like on Facebook.
Thanks again!

B Liebmann said...

Thank you for the invite! Tweeted and am going to fave items now. :)

Christie Cottage said...

I have tweeted thru item #105

We have had 1000 views so far on our linkup!


Christie Cottage said...

Tweeted thru #106

1061 views just now checked


Christie Cottage said...

Tweeted thru #121

We have had 1,156 views on this linkup so far


Wendi Capps said...

Thank you so much! I have faved several of your shops and followed some of you on twitter. I love Ivy's Pebbles and Laurie's paintings. I enjoyed visiting many of you. Thank you, again, for including me.

watercolors said...

ALL FAVED and pinned through #121.

Met some new shops and added many to my twitter account:

Christie Cottage said...

Everyyone was tweeted.

This lnkup received 1,329 views!

Way to promote!



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