Monday, December 21, 2015

GIve of yourself - Monday, Decmeber 21, 2015

   The Twitter Tree is on vacation for a full week. We all need time to focus on family and Christmas.

   It is wonderful this morning not to have to rush to get tweeting done. All those items in our shops are still available and will be after Christmas.

   This weekend I enjoyed Christmas on two days. Now that all the gift giving is done, I can just rest. I didn't even get out the Christmas tree this year. I keep it decorated and store it wrapped in a sheet. Since I fell and hurt my ankle, I could not slide my foot under it and walk it to the living room. I have a one foot tinsel tree sitting on the kitchen table. I bought it at the Dollar Tree ( my favorite store).

   Since we didn't have family gatherings here this year, it all worked out fine. Now if I can get my ankle to heal!

   We have Secret Santa at work this Wednesday and our work Christmas party Wednesday night. 

   I hope you each enjoy a blessed Christmas! I got so stressed because I thought we were having the gatherings on Christmas weekend, and discovered it was this past weekend. Talk about hobbling fast through the store to shop!

   Yesterday my son told me a wonderful thing he did and I would like to share it with you.  He and his work crew were eating in a chicken restaurant when they heard professionals making fun of two men digging food from the dumpster and eating it. He looked around and saw them. Said the men in dumpster were Veteran's. He got up from his food, went to the counter and bought a twelve piece meal and took it outside to the two men digging for food. He sat it down and called them over to eat some fresh made food. When he went back inside the restaurant, no one could look him in the eye. All those people who were making fun of the men...  Makes a mom feel good that she raised her child to be compassionate and caring.

   It is amazing how good it makes you feel when you help someone. Just a spontaneous action to someone in need. At this time of the year there are thousands of people asking for help. There are even more needing help. Today, go out of your way and just do something nice for someone. The gift you receive will be a warmed heart. Great for your soul!

    Have a wonderful week!



ShadowDogDesigns said...

What a wonderful story. Yes, you DID raise your son right! We need more compassionate people like him in the world. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Jacki. Hope your ankle gets better.

Debbie Huffaker said...

I stopped by to wish you a Merry CHRISTmas, but what a blessing I received from the story about your son. What a special boy you've raised....great job, Momma!!! And, I'm so sorry about your ankle....prayers for a speedy healing. HOPE you have a very blessed CHRISTmas, sweet Lady.

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