Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wow! Wednesday promo!

Thanks to Mary of
for including 

VW Bug, ACEO, Mixed Media Original Art, Orange Slug Bug, Volkswagen 

VW Bug ACEO Mixed Media Original #Art Orange @ChristieCottage via @Etsy #EJWTT  


Yellow For the Fun of It!

Yellow is such a cheerful, fun color! I hope this treasury brings a smile to your face. Enjoy!
Sunflowers - Small Print
Cute Owl Earrings, Colorful Shell, Blue Crystals, Yellow Jade, Sterling Silver Beads Hooks, Summer Beach Dangles, Whimsical Birds Handmade
VW Bug, ACEO, Mixed Media Original Art, Orange Slug Bug, Volkswagen
Fall Mini Quilt, Halloween, Jack O' Lantern,  Pumpkin Mini Quilt, Halloween Trivet, Pumpkin Pot Holder, Autumn Table Topper
Soap Holder, Sunny Yellow Pouch, Drawstring Pouch, Cotton Soap Holder, Soap Saver, Spa Wash Cloth, Soap Cozy, Bag for Soap, Soap Saver Pouch
Bird Nest Art Quilt, Framed Fiber Art, Bird Lover Gift, 3-Dimensional Quilt, Wall Art Quilt, Home Decor, Black Wood Frame, 10x10
Owl Earrings, Orange Owl Earrings, Mustard Orange Earrings, Copper Owl Earrings, Owl Flower Earrings, Solana Kai Designs, Portland Oregon
ON SALE The Goddess of Autumn Original Watercolor Painting 9x12 by Jeanne Fry Number 8 in my 30 Goddesses in 30 Days Series
Bicycle Photo with Quote, Bicycle Quote, Quotable Art, Bike Quote, Bike Photograph with Quote, Photo of a Bike, Germany, Yellow Print, Bike
Newborn Girl's Yellow Crocheted Sweater &  Maryjanes 0 3 mo
Crocus, Watercolor of Yellow Crocus, 8x10 Matted and Frame Ready
On Sale! Ruby Sunshine Argentium Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Handmade Glass Pendant with Swarovski Crystal
Necklaces for Women, Unique Necklaces, Ready to Ship, Silver Necklace, Popular Necklaces, Statement Necklace, Bold Necklace, Chunky Necklace
Goldfinch Painting 5x5 Inch Panel, Small Paintings for Home Decor
Yellow Necklace, Re-purposed Jewelry, Double Strand, Short Necklace, Flower Necklace, Coral Necklace, Handcrafted Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry
Baby Blanket, Fleece Blanket, Police Officer, Yellow Blanket, Embroidered, Baby Gift, LEO Baby Shower, Crib Blanket, 39 X 29, Boy or Girl


Sharon Troncalli said...

Thank you for promoting Mary's treasury which includes one of my necklaces!

Umeboshi said...

This is such a friendly and cheery treasury! Thanks so much for sharing it! I love all the beautiful handmade things!

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Fun collection!

Peggi Hacker said...

Mary always makes the best treasury collections. Thank you for promoting!

Pamela Baker said...

Thank you Jackie for featuring the Sunny Yellow items from Mary's cheerful Treasury!

Jen Whitted said...

Thank you for posting to your blog! This is such a pretty and bright collection of items.

SolanaKaiDesigns said...

Thanks for promoting Mary's cheery and fun treasury! I appreciate it!

PrettyGonzo said...

Thanks a bunch, Jacki, for promoting the treasury! And thank you for the nice comments, everyone. :) Happy sales to all!

PrettyGonzo said...

PS - I totally love your cute VW bug ACEOs, especially the yellow one. I had a yellow bug once, and I still think of it as my favorite car of all time. :)

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Thank you, Jacki! Have shared everywhere

Gilded Owl Jewelry said...

Fabulous Etsy treasury! So bright and happy! Thanks for posting!

Ewenique said...

Thank you, Christie, for featuring this happy treasury on your blog! Your promotion is appreciated!

SunberryCreations said...

Love that you have featured Mary's delightful treasury. She always has such a great eye for items and color and I am honored to included with my Yellow Crocus Watercolor.

Christie - a big thank you to you as well. Gorgeous!

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