Thursday, September 22, 2016

Etsy is doing away with Treasuries

Thursday Thoughts

Etsy is doing away with treasuries

I thought I would share this message sent to all Team Captains:

As a Captain whose Team uses Treasuries, we wanted to let you know that as of October 5, members will no longer be able to create new Treasuries or edit existing ones.
Throughout the years, our community has curated Treasuries that have showcased the diversity of the Etsy marketplace while encouraging and collaborating with other sellers. However, our data shows that few buyers view Treasuries, and even fewer purchase from them. Based, in part, on this information, we are removing this feature. Read more about this in the Site Update.
We’re extremely proud of and grateful for the work Teams do to support Etsy entrepreneurs, and we will continue to champion ways for members to support their creative businesses and each other. You can find advice from peer Captains on marketing initiatives in this Seller Handbook article. For those of you who have created Treasuries, thank you for your contributions!

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Linda Blatchford said...

I disagree with this decision. As a team captain, it helps members promote others designs.

But, I'm grateful to be a part of the Twitter Tree and another promo team.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

WOW! First ArtFire did away with collections and now Etsy is doing away with treasuries. ArtFire said the same thing as Etsy about why they were done away with. I still miss them.

First Light Glass said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!

PrettyGonzo said...

Thanks for posting this, Jacki. I'm very sad that Etsy is ending treasuries. I've met some really nice sellers through them, and making them has made me feel more connected to the community. Plus I simply love making treasuries!

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