Sunday, December 18, 2016

Monday - Twitter Tree© 12/19/16 #CCMTT

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Monday - Twitter Tree© 

Posted on Sunday each week to save time on Monday morning for those with day jobs

Three days a week, we come together to promote each other.

Here's my Monday tweets:
Fisherman Pixie Hat and Booties Crochet Pattern #266 
Fisherman Pixie Hat and Booties #CrochetPattern Instant Download @ChristieCottage via #CCMTT
Toddler Cotton Coat and Bunny Crochet Pattern 686 
 Toddler Cotton Coat and Bunny #CrochetPattern INSTANT DOWNLOAD @ChristieCottage via #CCMTT

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

Good Sunday afternoon. Hope those that are in the deep freeze are keeping warm Kind of cold here on the Borderlands, too. Here are my shares:

Dragonflies are magical & so are these glowing earrings! @ShadowDogDesign #ccmtt #DragonflyEarrings

Need last minute handmade jewelry Christmas gifts? I ship fast! @ShadowDogDesign #ccmtt #Christmas


Dianes Dangles said...

“Amber Gemstones Bali Sterling Silver Dangle Beaded Earrings” @dianesdangles #CCMTT #lastminutegifts

“Turquoise and Amber Nugget Gemstones Bali Sterling Beaded Necklace” @dianesdangles #CCMTT #lastminutegifts

Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Unique Pistachio, Exotic Wood Jewelry Long dangle #ExoticWoodJewelryAnd @waterrox #CCMTT

Tiger Eye, 16 inch, beaded Necklace #Gift @waterrox #CCMTT

Thanks everyone.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Today's Twitter Tree is shared on my blog - comments always welcome:

Tweeted, scheduled and pinned to here.

Adorebynat said...

The timeless children story of Peter Rabbit is the perfect #babyshower theme. Favor Tags by @adorebynat #CCMTT

Inspired by fairytales: Mother Goose Children Story Book Tags for #Baby Shower celebration, available @amazon #CCMTT

Linda Blatchford said...

Copper and Blue Chain Wirewrapped Necklace @lindab142 #CCMTT

Purple Wire #Kippah @lindab142 #CCMTT

Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

To here.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Here are Nat's tweets with her item links:

The timeless children story of Peter Rabbit is the perfect #babyshower theme. Favor Tags by @adorebynat #CCMTT

Inspired by fairytales: Mother Goose Children Story Book Tags for #Baby Shower celebration, available @amazon #CCMTT

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Caught up. Will be back tomorrow morning.

Adorebynat said...

Oops! Thank you so much for fixing them, Catherine! :-)

Christie Cottage said...

Tweeted to here.

4 degrees here. BRRRRRR

I Have to be at Children's Home at 7 o'clock to oook breakfast.

Be back later and I hope the satellite is working when I get home


Claire Marese said...

Monday Tweets:
Red Felt REINDEER in Wood Hoop Christmas by ClaireMDesigns2 via @Etsy @clairemdesigns #CCMTT

SHAMROCK Felt Hoop Christrmas Tree Ornament by ClaireMDesigns2 via @Etsy @clairemdesigns #CCMTT

Pamela Baker said...

Sorry I have been absent the past week - as I mentioned I had quite a few Custom Orders for Sweaters for Christmas - I actually finished the last one Friday night about 11:30pm. I had to keep my computer off so I could work 12 hrs a day on these to get them done - I did try to go through and tweet many items when I could. Now to catch up!

My Monday Tweets:
Swarovski Crystal Snowmen Earrings Christmas by MagdaleneJewels via @Etsy #CCMTT #ChristmasGift

Christmas Emerald Rhinestone Bracelet Beaded by MagdaleneJewels via @Etsy #CCMTT #EmeraldBracelet

Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Jacki -- 4 degrees, CAN'T glad to be in sunny Florida. Although you are having a white Christmas, bet it's beautiful.

Good to see you Pamela.
Awesome for so many custom orders. Good and now good that you can rest your fingers.

Catherine, thanks for watching out for the group!

Have a good day all.

Roxanne Coffelt said...

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My boy is home on leave, so I will be distracted for the next couple weeks. Our low was supposed to be -11 last night, but it is almost 11am now and it has warmed up to -2. Here are mine:

Party Time! Chunky sparkly black gold silver copper bracelet, handmade jewelry @shanghaitai #CCMTT @Etsy

Stunning Dichroic Glass Link #Bracelet, Blue, Gold, Multicolor, One of a Kind @shanghaitai #CCMTT @Etsy

Thanks everyone!

Dianes Dangles said...

Tweeted and scheduled.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Tweeted, scheduled and pinned to here. Heading to Mexico for a shopping trip in a bit so will catch anyone who is late getting here this evening. Have a great day . . . and stay warm!

Linda Blatchford said...

Tweeted and scheduled.

Pam, congrats on the holiday orders. I did a small show yesterday and sold a few items. Yay!

This morning is was -10 WITHOUT the wind chill so I stayed home today.

Roxanne, enjoy your family.

Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

Catherine, SO fun - Mexico shopping trip. Come back with lots of goodies.

Christie Cottage said...

Tweeted to here

You ladies beat on the temp but you are in the north!!!!

This morning we cooked for the foster kids. I scrambled 78 eggs! 420 piece of bacon. There was sausage. biscuits, waffles and hash browns. That bacon went first.

So good seeing those kids happy!


Roxanne watercolorsnmore said...

wow, that's a lot of cooking.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Just got back and checking in. Didn't buy too much but it's always fun to look. And the food is excellent . . . along with a margarita (:

Pam, so glad you had so many orders. Congrats. And am glad you got them finished.

Lots of eggs and bacon, Jacki. Am glad there were happy kids.

Congrats on the sales at the show, Linda!

Now I need to catch up on everything else. Never ending job . . .

Christie Cottage said...

Pinned everyone to my Blog Promo board


Christie Cottage said...

Made another pass through tweeting everyone


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