Sunday, October 6, 2019

Monday Twitter Tree© #CCMTT

Welcome to the

Monday - Twitter Tree© 
Posted on the evening before to save time in the  morning for those with day jobs

Three days a week, we come together to promote each other.


My items for the day:

Sunbonnet Sue and Overalls Sam, Set, Appliques, Handmade

#SunbonnetSue and #OverallsSam, Set, Appliques, Handmade #CCMTT via @christiecottage

 Barn Owls Blank Greeting Card

Barn #Owls Blank Greeting #Card #CCMTT via @christiecottage

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Suzanne (Rivendell Rock) said...

#RespectLifeSunday Natural Turquoise Bar Necklace Prolife Precious Feet December Birthstone Charms for Life From Rivendell Rock Jewelry @Etsy #CCMTT

#Halloween Hematite Owl Copper Crystal Pearl Pendant Necklace From Rivendell Rock Jewelry @Etsy #CCMTT

Back later to promote.

watercolorsNmore said...

3 Fall Autumn Art Cards - Sunflowers, Magnolia, Japanese Plums Loquats, 5x7 Note Cards blank watercolor print @CCMTT @RTobaison

Unique Exotic Wood Pattern #WoodEarrings Handcrafted ExoticWoodJewelryAnd Hypoallergenic @RTobaison #CCMTT @Etsy

Thanks all.

ShadowDogDesigns said...
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ShadowDogDesigns said...

Shared the Twitter Tree on my blog - comments always welcome nad helps us all!


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Love dark blue? You'll love these rich cobalt blue & copper flower earrings that positively glow when worn! via @ShadowDogDesign #ccmtt #BlueJewelry #Flower Earrings

The Western Hills UMC Autumn Bazaar is this coming Saturday, October 12! Check out my new blog for all the important & fun information! via @ShadowDogDesign #ccmtt #ElPaso #Blog

Linda B said...

Shop #pink for October #breastcancerawareness @lindab142 a portion goes to a local cancer resource center #CCMTT

This simple clean design #Copper Marble Necklace makes a great gift for a friend @lindab142 #handmade #CCMTT

Scheduled to here. said...

Beautiful Hand-beaded cross bookmark.
Personalized for you. Free shipping
@etsy @daisyblu_diane #ccmtt #bibliophile #inspirationalgift said...

Inspirational Bookmark - hand-crafted & personalized for you. Great gift idea. Free shipping.
@etsy @daisyblu_diane #ccmtt #inspirationalgift #bookmark

Pamela Baker said...

My Monday Tweets:

‪Crocheted Baby Irish Knit Sweater Hat Newborns Infants Custom Order Only via @Etsy @MagdaleneKnits #CCMTT #CrochetBabySweaterHat #IrishKnitDesign‬

‪Crocheted Sweater Beret Toddler Girl Autumn Red Flannel Grey Picot Trim 2T via @Etsy @MagdaleneKnit #CCMTT #CrochetToddlerSweaterBeret #AutumnRed‬

Christie Cottage said...

To here

watercolorsNmore said...

To here will catch others later.

Guess what my pinterest works (at least this morning) except it blocked me on Linda's - said something about not allowable because redirect or something like that.

Will catch later ones this afternoon.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

To here.

Yeah, I've been getting those Pinterest notices on Linda's site for a while, too, when you pin from InLinkz. This is what it says:

Sorry! We blocked this link because it's a redirector and may lead to inappropriate content.

ShadowDogDesigns said...

But if I use the Pinterest pin button or pin using the icons from Linda's shop, they pin fine. Just that it takes such a looooong time for the items to download, much longer than any other shop.

Christie Cottage said...

Please tweet this

‪Check out the Monday Twitter Tree© #CCMTT via @christiecottage‬

I get the errors on Linds too when trying to pin. I mostly pin from my phone.

Suzanne (Rivendell Rock) said...

Tried to Pin Linda's also and got the same redirect message. I'll keep trying.

Promoted to here.

Suzanne (Rivendell Rock) said...

OK - was able to pin Linda when I went to her page and used the pin button there. No difficulty with loading either.

Andrea Wagner said...

Hello there,
My two posts for today Monday are:
1. Knit scarf, fiber art scarf, handmade scarf, fine acrylic yarn, The apple garden scarf @AndreaDesigns1 #shoppingforchristmas #ccmtt

2. Green knit scarf, woman size, handmade, boho chic style, winter, holiday gift, the green peacock scarf @AndreaDesigns1 #shoppingforchristmas #ccmtt

Thank you so much for sharing my creations!

Linda B said...

Caught up to here.

I'm sorry that Pinterest is giving you issues with my items. Maybe it's because I'm using bitly links?

Please let me know if you want me to leave pinterest links with my items to make it easier for you; or how I can make it easier for you.

I sure miss the tweet button on Etsy.

Wed. is Yom Kippur so I won't be joining the tree.

Thank you!

Andrea Wagner said...

All the 16 items were shared in Twitter and Pinterest (Twitter Tree board). said...

I was able to tweet all thru 16.
I was not able to get into pinterest again from my phone ...will try again later.

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